The Building of the Chicken Coop

Our adorable chicks are ready to be living outside 24/7. They have grown their adult feathers and are ready for more freedom. We started with building a large 6’ X 16’ X 8’ run, and using their smaller, chick coop inside that.  We predator proofed the entire run; the walls, with boards to cover up […]

Sand Ring Construction Started – Fencing; Part 3

Nick and Britt’s dad, Scott helped put all the fence posts in the ground . What a time consuming and difficult task! Thankfully, they get them all done around the area . The corner and gate posts were double reinforced with concrete in the base, as well as braces in the corner. Britt painted all […]

Sand Ring Construction Started – Footing; Part 2

The calvary of footing has arrived. Nick on the dozer has kept things going very smoothly. A layer of clay for a base and drainage. Followed by medium grade sand for the top. We spent many weeks researching the best footie mixture for our ring! The round pen is footing is done, too!

Sand Ring Construction Started – Levelling; Part 1

The bulldozer arrived and we started levelling the ground for our new 220’ X 80’ sand ring! Nick is a pro on the bulldozer, and had it perfectly levelled in no time, with the proper drainage as well (invisible to the naked yet).  Next step: Footing