Horse Boarding

Offshore Acres offers top-Offshore Acres offers top-notch boarding, with state of the art technology.


At Offshore Acres we have implemented state-of-the-art technology to enhance your boarding experience.

All of our lights are Alexa-operated, meaning they are turned on and off by voice command.

We have a high quality sound system in the barn and indoor arena, which is also Alex-operated and voice controlled. You can change the song, and turn the volume up or down, all hands free and from the comfort of your horse’s back.

We offer online, remote arena booking for lessons, or if you would like to book one of the arenas to yourself for 1-2 hours. This service also allows you to login and view the group calendar which will list group activities, such as trail rides, or group vet appointments, deworming day etc.

Security cameras, both in the barn area, as well as the arenas and common areas.

We also offer automatic board payments, to take the hassle out of remembering to pay your board on the first of the month.

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Horses are fed with high quality, Brooks feed and beet pulp. Every horse has a feeding program tailored to their individual nutritional and athletic needs. Weight is checked routinely, and especially in winter with “blanket checks” where blankets are removed and horses are looked over a minimum of once a week to check on body condition during the months when the horses are blanketed.

We feed excellent quality hay, free of dust and mold. In the winter, horses are fed from a round bale with a slow feed net, which prevents horses from burying their head in the middle of the bale. Horses with respiratory concerns are fed small squares.

On the extremely cold days, horses are also given a third feeding of soaked hay cubes in the evening, and also as a treat from time to time.

Medications and supplements can be given free of charge.

The frequency of grain is different for both indoor and outdoor board. Please see below for more information. Please contact for rates.


We offer turnout in small and medium groups of 2-6 horses. We believe that horses benefit from social interaction with each other, and have noticed significant benefits to our group turnout. Horses are matched and placed in the appropriate group to allow harmony among our groups.

Our paddocks are 5 strand shockline with both the top rail, and second from the bottom rail electrified for added safety. Our paddocks also boast the drinking post, which is an automatic, no freeze waterer that allows horses to have access to fresh water all year round. Most of our paddocks have shelters, with plans to add one to each paddock in the near future.

In the winter, horses are offered hay during the entire turnout period, which can range from 8-14 hours a day, weather dependent. In the summer, horses  can be out for 15+ hours a day in large, hilly, grassy fields.

We have additional paddocks that allow us to rotate our groups through the paddocks to allow for paddock maintenance and grass to regrow in the summer months. Our location allows for excellent drainage and we are lucky to have minimal mud, even in the wettest of seasons.

We believe turnout is important all year around, and adds to the general health and well-being of our equine partners.

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