Our adorable chicks are ready to be living outside 24/7. They have grown their adult feathers and are ready for more freedom. We started with building a large 6’ X 16’ X 8’ run, and using their smaller, chick coop inside that. 

We predator proofed the entire run; the walls, with boards to cover up and reinforce the staples. The roof was covered, and well sealed. And added predator protection was added similar to a “moat”. We lead mesh 2 feet out fro the coop, reinforced the connection and covered the staples with boards and then covered the mesh with a thick layer of mulch. No predators can dig under the coop!

We then repurposed a shed and turned it into their winter coop. We added ventilation, but blocked large draft, gave them perches, roosting boxes, and heat lamps to keep them warm all winter. The girls are all VERY happy with their beautiful coop and outdoor run!