Rudy Tries out his New Shipping Boots

Part of Rudy’s training is getting him accustomed to different tack and equipment. With his plans for the future, Rudy will have get use to wear protective shipping boots while on the trailer. Enjoy is reaction to wearing the boots for the first time!

Indy Arrives from Fort Erie

Indy arrived today from the Fort Erie Racetrack to find his own person. This adorable and correct boy will be available for sale soon. Check back on our sales page soon!

Andy’s First Post-Track Ride

Andy was a super star for her first ever off the track ride! She didn’t put a foot wrong, and we couldn’t be more excited to start her training for her hunter career. She even went on a small trail ride, too! Good girl, Andy!

Horse Sleepover and swimming with Kristin and Keiya

Britt took Remy for three days to Clarington to spend some time with Britt’s Friend Kristin and their horses! The trails and obstacle course were so much fun and Remy handled them wonderfully. We took them swimming on Saturday and they went so deep they were actually swimming in the lake! I have always waned […]

Sand Ring Construction Started – Fencing; Part 3

Nick and Britt’s dad, Scott helped put all the fence posts in the ground . What a time consuming and difficult task! Thankfully, they get them all done around the area . The corner and gate posts were double reinforced with concrete in the base, as well as braces in the corner. Britt painted all […]

Sand Ring Construction Started – Footing; Part 2

The calvary of footing has arrived. Nick on the dozer has kept things going very smoothly. A layer of clay for a base and drainage. Followed by medium grade sand for the top. We spent many weeks researching the best footie mixture for our ring! The round pen is footing is done, too!

Sand Ring Construction Started – Levelling; Part 1

The bulldozer arrived and we started levelling the ground for our new 220’ X 80’ sand ring! Nick is a pro on the bulldozer, and had it perfectly levelled in no time, with the proper drainage as well (invisible to the naked yet).  Next step: Footing