Aurora Prospect

Barn Name: Rory
Birth Date: March 15, 2007
Sex: Mare
Color: Dark Bay
Breed: Thoroughbred
Height: 17.1 hh

Rory's Story

Rory, the mare who stole the heart of Nick. She and Toby arrive together at Offshore Acres after being rescued from slaughter. Poor Rory was emaciated. Her dull coat stretched raggedy over all her bones. She too was neglected, and worse off than Toby. But she had a light in her eyes and gentle soul that both Britt and Nick worked hard at to gain her trust.

Rory is an Off the Track Thoroughbred with an admirable race history. With a grand sire of Mr. Prospector, her lineage is impressive. Rory had 21 starts, with 5 first, 4 seconds, earning over $107,000.

Rory’s difficult past has taken patience to bring her to her level of riding now. Rory just adores Nick, and with the guidance of Britt and the love Rory has for Nick, Nick has improved greatly in his riding with Rory. Rory is safe and reliable with Nick; the kind of horse that takes care of her person. And boy, is Nick ever her person!

Rory has gained significant weight, muscle, and blossomed in personality over the last year we have owned her. Her very tall stature exemplifies her strength, but her kind eye reminds us of what an amazing horse she really is. When she isn’t working in the ring, Rory enjoys trail riding for hours at a time, camping overnight with Remy, Britt and her Nick, as well as trying new things with Nick such as jumping small cross rails and fallen trees on the trails.

Nick plans on increase his riding with Rory and seeing which English discipline they will focus on together. Right now their possibilities are endless, and with each ride Rory’s athletics shines through. We are both so excited to see what path they will chose together.