The Offshore Acres Canines

Offshore Acres is home to more than just horses. Read below to learn more about the other OA residents!


An exuberant, over-sized lap dog, Brier is usually the first to welcome you at Offshore Acres! Brier is a Great Dane, born in 2011. Brier has accompanied Britt through the majority of her schooling and travels, and most importantly been her constant companion on her journey up to Markdale!

Although he is reaching his senior years for his breed, Brier is as happy and energetic as always. His bouncy, excitable, gigantic personality leaves us laughing at his many antics, as well as leaving us searching for Britt’s shoes which he carries all over the property. Come meet Brier at Offshore Acres!


A beautiful German Shepherd, Coach can usually be found playing in the field with our donkey, Jack. Although we are almost certain that Coach is more fond of Jack, than he is of Coach, the two of them will be chasing one another around until dark if we let them!

Coach takes his job as “farm protector” very seriously, and enjoys laying by the front door for hours on end protecting his family. He enjoys playing catch, collecting sticks, and rolling in the grass!


In a class all of his own, Chance is the limelight of all the canine’s at Offshore Acres. Chance was born in St. Lucia and was rescued off the streets at a few days old. This little mutt surprised everyone with his strength and perseverance. When Chance was just a 7 months old, he had a terrible accident while hiking with Britt and his brothers. Chance fell from a cliff around 70 feet high and was very badly injured. Through the love and determination of his family and the wonderful veterinary care at the University of Guelph, Chance survived and is just like any other farm dog!

With a quirky smile, ears with their own agenda, and a loveable, wiggly personality, Chance becomes a favourite to many very quickly. Chance will become even more popular in the new year when the book, Chance’s Journey is published outlining this little dog’s accident, his family, and the entire community that stood behind and supported him. For more information on Chance and his accident, follow him on Facebook at


The newest canine member of the Offshoe Acres pack is Summit! Summit is a Great Dane and was born in 2019 and was adopted by Britt and Nick in February of 2020.

Summit is playful and bouncy, and very fast! He is still learning his way around the horse farm, but enjoys greeting everyone who comes to visit. Summit and Chance have endless amounts of fun playing together, despite their obvious size difference!