Our Horses

Offshore Heat, “Brady”

  • Birth Date: March 12, 2007
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Color: Dark Bay
  • Breed: Thoroughbred
  • Height: 16.2 hh


Brady is a lovely, elegant Thoroughbred gelding. He started his career on the racetrack as a two year old, and came into Britt’s after a mere 6 starts at the end of his second year. Brady began into training as a three year old in the hunter world, but his talents were soon recognized in the jumper and most recently, dressage ring.

He is a very personable gelding, comical antics and a loveable personality. Brady is the namesake of our farm; being Britt’s primary horse at this stage of her riding career. Brady has proven himself in the show ring as a young 4 year old, however Brady had to temporarily retire while he underwent surgery to remove a cancerous mass from his neck/throat area. Brady made a full recovery over the course of his fifth year and was slowly brought back into competitive work. Most recently in his eleventh year, Brady dabbled in the hunter ring to get him back into competing.

Brady’s flashy, upwards movement encouraged Britt to try dressage with him. They took their first lesson with Olivia Wentworth-Stanley in April 2018. The two of them had a fantastic time, and his innate ability in the dressage ring shone through. After taking another lesson with Olivia, Britt decided Brady will be showing extensively in the dressage ring in the 2019 show season. Although he shows such enthusiasm and enjoyment in jumping, Britt is excited to challenge them both in the dressage ring next year.

With a presence that you can’t help but watch, Brady will sure to grab the attention of many next season!

Complicated Kindness, “Remy”

  • Birth Date: June 28, 2011
  • Sex: Mare
  • Color: Dark Bay
  • Breed: Dutch Warmblood X Thoroughbred
  • Height: 16 hh


Remy is a firecracker of a mare, with a presence and attitude that far exceeds her compact, 16hh stature. Remy came into Britt’s life as a weanling, broke and trained by her slowly and has started in a few shows in 2018. Remy’s Dutch Warmblood lineage is primarily dressage, with Olympic Ferro as her Grand Sire, who competed in the 2000 Olympics, helping his country win team silver for Dressage. Her Thoroughbred lineage has Wild Again as her Grand Sire who had an impressive 2.2 million in career earnings as a Thoroughbred racehorse. 

Remy is very loving, attentive and sensitive, with movement that just floats and covers ground. Her dressage background is evident in every gait, with spirit and natural athletic ability that has been carefully channelled to produce an impressive, highly talented mare. 

Remy’s training has been purposely slow, to allow her time to grow, both mentally and physically. Broke as a two year old, Remy was eased into training gently and in turn has shown a love and determination in the equestrian sport. Remy loves to work, and tries very hard to please. in 2017 Remy was introduced to jumping, and showed an impressive talent in the jumping world, with scope that far exceeds the height she is jumping. This year, Remy went to her first off property show and took everything in stride. 

When Remy isn’t training in the ring, she enjoys trail rides, overnight camping trips and swimming. Her love for water frequently leads Britt into puddles where she splashes about, often leaving the two of them (and anyone around them) soaked.

Remy is being introduced to eventing later in this season, but her focus for the 2019 show season will be the jumper ring. Keep an eye out for this fiery mare; with a personality as big as hers, she won’t be overlooked!

Fire Shot, “Toby”

  • Birth Date: March 5, 2008
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Color: Bay
  • Breed: Thoroughbred
  • Height: 17 hh


Toby is a very loveable, kind-hearted gelding that was lucky enough to find his way to Offshore Acres. Britt and Nick rescued both him and Rory (see her bio below) from a horse auction where they were bound for slaughter. Britt was betting for Toby and Rory and when the meat buyer capped out at his maximum, both horses became theirs in August 2017. Toby is an Off the Track Thoroughbred who won a mere $325 after only 3 starts

When Toby arrived he was underweight, had severe mud fever on both backs legs, and even some on the front. He was neglect. He was skittish and flighty when in the cross-ties and tacking, and had to be taught how to trust people again. Through patience, Britt slowly brought him along over the 2017-2018 winter and Toby began to flourish. He was destined for the hunter ring.

Toby steals the hearts of many people he meets. His personality has really evolved into an amazing, steady, personable and reliable gelding. Dakota, a young close-friend and barn hand for Offshore Acres, fell for his amazing personality and full leased him during the 2018 show season. Together, with the guidance of Britt, they took on the season with all their heart and efforts and every show they got better and better and began placing in classes with over 15 riders!

Britt was able to show Toby a few times in the 2018 season as well. Together, Britt and Toby won his first red ribbon in the Road Hack class, as well as a third place in the show hack. At a later show, Britt and Toby went on to win Overall Champion with two first and a third in the hack division at Old Orchard Farm, as well as another first in the hunter under saddle.

Toby will be competing competitively in the 2019 season on the trillium and/or A-circuit level. Keep an eye out for this flashy, heart-of-gold gelding.

Aurora Prospect, “Rory”

  • Birth Date: March 15, 2007
  • Sex: Mare
  • Color: Bay
  • Breed: Thoroughbred
  • Height: 17.1 hh


Rory, the mare who stole the heart of Nick. She and Toby arrive together at Offshore Acres after being rescued from slaughter. Poor Rory was emaciated. Her dull coat stretched raggedy over all her bones. She too was neglected, and worse off than Toby. But she had a light in her eyes and gentle soul that both Britt and Nick worked hard at to gain her trust.

Rory is an Off the Track Thoroughbred with an admirable race history. With a grand sire of Mr. Prospector, her lineage is impressive. Rory had 21 starts, with 5 first, 4 seconds, earning over $107,000.

Rory’s difficult past has taken patience to bring her to her level of riding now. Rory just adores Nick, and with the guidance of Britt and the love Rory has for Nick, Nick has improved greatly in his riding with Rory. Rory is safe and reliable with Nick; the kind of horse that takes care of her person. And boy, is Nick ever her person!

Rory has gained significant weight, muscle, and blossomed in personality over the last year we have owned her. Her very tall stature exemplifies her strength, but her kind eye reminds us of what an amazing horse she really is. When she isn’t working in the ring, Rory enjoys trail riding for hours at a time, camping overnight with Remy, Britt and her Nick, as well as trying new things with Nick such as jumping small cross rails and fallen trees on the trails.

Nick plans on increase his riding with Rory and seeing which English discipline they will focus on together. Right now their possibilities are endless, and with each ride Rory’s athletics shines through. We are both so excited to see what path they will chose together.

First Eye Opener, “Gray”

  • Birth Date: April, 2007
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Color: Grey
  • Breed: Quarter Horse
  • Height: 16.2 hh


Gray is owned and very loved by Britt’s sister, Brianna. He came into their lives in May 2017, and arrived at Offshore Acres in September 2017. Gray is a Quarter Horse gelding, who was originally bred and trained to be a quarter horse race horse. However, he never did not have a racing career, which is just fine for us!

Gray was owned by the same gentleman for the majority of his life. When his owner passed away, Gray found his way into our lives and very quickly into our hearts. His kind, gentle demeanour, calm eyes, and loving personality has made him a favourite of many who visit OA. Gray was originally trained Western, and rode western games such as barrel racing and pole bending. Since coming to Offshore Acres, Gray is being trained in the hunter world, and has even jumped a few jumps, too! His steady gaits, and natural, relaxed head carriage makes him an exceptional hunter candidate.

When Gray isn’t working in the ring, he enjoys trail rides, and being a confidant to many young children to pony ride around. He’s been a first ride for many, and a confidence builder for others. Gray loves to work, and will willingly take a rider in whichever direction they chose.

Brianna is looking forward to taking Gray into the show ring in 2019, competing in a few hunter classes. We are all very excited to follow Gray into this next chapter in his life as an English horse, and are so grateful for his lovely presence in our barn.

Forever Bold, “Andy”

  • Birth Date: March 10, 2015
  • Sex: Mare
  • Color: Chestnut
  • Breed: Thoroughbred
  • Height: 15.2 hh


Andy is a very flashy, chestnut mare with enough class and presence to turn heads wherever she goes! A gorgeous Thoroughbred mare, by Bold and Flashy out of Ascot Hailey. Her lineage also includes Smart Strike (Mr. Prospector), Bold Ruler, and Danzig. Andy only had 12 starts and earned $11,000 in her racing career Andy joined the OA herd in October of 2018 after her racing career ended. She very quickly found her way into our hearts and our herd and has proven to be an exceptional mare.

Andy has gorgeous hunter-style movement, with a natural long and low head carriage, and floaty, straight movement. Being only three, Andy has some maturing to do, both mentally and physically, so her career post-track has been slow to allow her time to blossom. Although Andy isn’t very tall, her presence and kind, yet respectable temperament allow her to grab the attention of everyone.

Andy is a very curious girl, who is always trying to figure out what is asked of her. She takes everything we’ve given her very well, from flapping red Christmas bows, to trail rides through snow, puddles and traffic on the road, she has never faltered and continues to surprise us each day.

Andy’s plan for the 2019 season is working in the hunter hack ring, and over fences in the later of the season. We plan on showing on the Trillium Circuit and entering the Royal Winter Fair Thoroughbred Classic classes, where we are certain she will turn heads.

Keep an eye out for this red-head pocket sized girl on the show circuit next year!

Offshore’s I Talk Back, “Rudy”

  • Birth Date: June, 2016
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Color: Pinto
  • Breed: Medium Pony
  • Height: 12.1 hh


Rudy is the newest member of the Offshore Acres family. A lovely, 2 year old medium pony gelding, who joined the OA family in September of 2018. With exceptionally good confirmation, floaty, elegant gaits, and a gentle, curious personality, Rudy will make an outstanding addition to the OA show team.

Rudy will be saddled and back in the fall of 2018, and then left to mature for the remainder of the year and winter of 2019. Britt plans on bringing him into work and training slowly, allowing time for him to grow both physically and mentally. His training will be geared towards the hunter ring, with an end goal of Rudy competing as a children’s hunter in the medium pony division, on either the Trillium or the A-circuit.

Currently, Rudy is working on ground training, lunging and being accustom to tack. He is taking everything exceptionally well, and showing great promise in his training. His constant exposure to new things, challenging him mentally, and showing him trust and understanding will help Rudy mature into an amazing children’s hunter pony.

Keep an eye out for Rudy as he continues his training! With the looks and personable attitude like his, he will sure turn heads in the 2020 show season. If you’re a young rider looking for a competitive pony for the mediums, Rudy will surely take you there!


  • Birth Date: July 11, 2010
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Color: Grey/Pinto/Roan
  • Breed: Miniature Horse
  • Height: 7 hh


Seabiscuit is Offshore Acre’s resident miniature horse! He is owned by Britt’s sister, Brianna, and loved by absolutely everyone who meets him! Seabiscuit has been with Britt and Brianna since he was 18 months old, and has travelled from barn to barn with Brady and Remy during the earlier years of Britt’s riding career. Seabiscuit was bred and born in Barrie, and was actually broke to ride when he was around 4 years old. His stalky, stout build allowed him to pony small children around from time to time, however, for the most part, Seabiscuit enjoys the casual life of roaming the pasture, bossing the herd around, and being loved on by everyone.

Seabiscuit enjoys to run with the herd, roll in the snow and loves to eat ice cubes! He also loves to jump small jumps beside Britt and Brianna, and his favourite thing to do is escape the pasture and tour around the farm on his own! His comical personality, dashing good looks, and loving nature makes him a joy to be around. Seabiscuit is always remembered by everyone he meets, and has a personality that is much larger than his small stature!

Keep an eye out for this adorable mini in our future posts!

Offshore Acre’s Mascot, “Jackson”

  • Birth Date: April 4, 2006
  • Sex: John
  • Color: Spotted Grey
  • Breed: Miniature Donkey
  • Height: 8.1 hh


Jackson, or Jack as he is more commonly known by, is the personality of Offshore Acres! A very comical donkey, Jack loves the attention of people, and would much rather be helping out in the barn than out in the pasture with the group. He loves his people, and loves to be the centre of attention.

Acting more like a dog than a donkey, Jack comes when he is called, calls back when answered, and loves to be cuddled and fussed over. Some people say that donkeys are stubborn, but they are actually just very smart! Jack is no exception to the rule, and is constantly testing his boundaries and trying to outsmart Britt and Nick, and the rest of the OA herd.

Jack is broke to drive, and has pulled a cart in his past, as well as a taken Britt on a little adventure pulling a sled in the winter! Britt and Nick plan on working with Jack this winter in pulling a sled, and again in the spring to get him use to pulling a cart again. Together with Seabiscuit, they should be quite the team!

Jack’s love for Britt was shown when he willingly put Britt on his back one day in the summer! Jack put his head between her legs, and slowly lifted her onto his back! Jack’s antics are hilarious, and we are looking forward to seeing many more “Jack Moments” in the future!